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Our Mission is to help you sing better than you ever have and have fun doing it.
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Our instructors have coached all levels of experience and ages in many styles... Pop, R&B, Country, Rock, Broadway, Jazz, Gospel and more.
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Voice Lessons in Media, PA

If you’re an adult who took vocal lessons as a child or teen, we have a pretty good idea about what you remember from your experience: dreading those half-hour sessions in your elderly instructor’s stuffy house, surrounded by doilies and plastic-covered couches while singing scales, until just hearing the word "arpeggio" made you shudder. Maybe all this training came in handy at karaoke a decade or two later, but let’s face it – you probably let go of any rock star dreams somewhere between your 25th acapella C-Major and first underwhelming recital in a dusty auditorium.

But now you’re back – you’ve either decided to kick your dream of starting a singing career into gear, or are looking for voice lessons for your child or teen, who has performing ambitions of their own. At Singing Pro, we offer convenient, affordable singing lessons right at our professional studios in Exton, PA, and Media, PA - a far cry from Grandma’s living room.

During your private in-studio vocal lessons in Chester County, PA, we’ll teach you everything from the basics to the advanced vocal techniques used by professionals, all while keeping it light, encouraging and fun. We make voice lessons something to look forward to for individuals in every stage of their career, from total novices to those looking for refinement and development of their skills and on-stage presence. With Singing Pro, you’ll receive training in breathing techniques, the importance of posture, harmonizing tactics, best auditioning practices and much more, all while forming yourself as an artist and professional.

We’ve travelled the country working and performing with acts from all genres and backgrounds, and, as working artists ourselves, we know what it takes to help you break through to the professional side of the business. Originating in LA, we’ve seen the competition, and we want to use our industry expertise to help our students with the planning and packaging of their persona, alongside technical voice training.

Singing Lessons in Exton, PA

Real-World Performance Opportunities

If you want to learn how to sing and perform in a professional setting, biannual performances in high school basements for a crowd of friends and family won’t make the cut. Doesn’t the word "recital" make you cringe?

Our voice and performance training is designed for serious artists and performers looking to expand their opportunities and perform as pros, and we believe our on-stage opportunities should reflect that. Our students participate in quarterly performances in settings where they’d realistically sing as professionals: cafes, bars and other spots convenient to those in Media, PA, and Exton, PA, where real-world conditions apply.

We’ll also set you on track to find your own performance and audition opportunities; whether you’re looking to join up with a musical theater troupe, score a coveted Saturday night slot at your favorite bar, or audition on American Idol, we’ll help you do what it takes to get there. Singing Pro is just one division of our company Pacific Artist Development, which takes care of the plan-and-packaging aspects of your career, too; through Pacific Artist Development, we’ll help you take the next steps to move forward in the industry by providing the necessary recording, photography, videography, graphic design, and artist consultation services you’ll need to get ahead. We also assist our performers in finding representation, booking gigs, and networking both within the area as well as in the larger, nation-wide music scene. Get started with your singing lessons in Delaware County, PA today – take advantage of our $45 lesson voucher to find out more about partnering up with Singing Pro to get you or your child’s singing and performance career off the ground!

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