About Singing Pro – A little bit about our mission, what we do and who we are

Singing Pro is a professional vocal studio that offers convenient and affordable private voice lessons at their Pennsylvania Vocal Studio. Our staff, from our front desk to the instructors, is dedicated to our student’s success. After just the introductory lesson, students come away feeling pleasantly surprised at how quickly they begin seeing results.

Our highly educated and experienced instructors are not only passionate about helping people learn and grow, but are also able to identify areas that need improvement and articulate what’s needed in a clear, honest and encouraging way.

Our instructors have trained and coached all levels of experience and ages, ranging from 5 to 65 years old, in the styles of Pop, R&B, Country, Rock, Broadway, Jazz, Gospel and Doo-wop. We are currently teaching students, not only across the US, but also across the world, including: Europe, South America, Asia and even the Caribbean! Be sure to contact us for your SPECIAL OFFER and begin Singing like a Pro.

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