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Dale “Chip” Rosenbloom
Co-Owner and Vice Chairman of the St. Louis Rams,
President of Rosenbloom Entertainment,
Founder/Owner of Open Pictures,
American Filmmaker, Composer & Entrepreneur.

My friend Tino (Co-Owner of Singing pro) is a Master. I have done many concerts and shows with him and any project he gets involved with is sure to be wonderful. He is a great musician and I endorse him as a good soul as well

Stephen John Kalinich
American Poet, Songwriter and Collaborator with
The Beach Boys, Diana Ross, Mary Wilson of The
Supremes, Clifton Davis, P.F. Sloan, Art Munson,
Kenny Hirsch, Randy Crawford and Odyssey.

The instructors at singing pro  will teach you everything you need to know about singing confidently, and will instruct you in a straightforward and encouraging way.

Stephen Kellogg
American Singer/Songwriter, founding member of
Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. Recorded albums
for Universal Records, Everfine Records (Atlantic
Records) and Vanguard Records. Toured with
George Thorogood, Need to Breathe, Sugarland,
Hanson, O.A.R., and many others, as well as an
appearance with the late James Brown

Not only is Ashley (Co-owner & Lead Instructor of singing pro) encouraging when she teaches, but she is also the most gifted voice instructor I’ve ever worked with, especially when it comes to articulating the various processes involved in singing technique. I absolutely recommend singing pro to anyone hoping to improve their technique.

John Torres
American Singer/Songwriter, Nominated for an Amercian
Independent Music Award. His music has been featured on
MTV’s Real World, Alias & Felicity. Heard on stages along-
side artists, such as Sara Bareilles & Shawn Colvin, in
addition to many big names in the music industry.

My sister and I have sung and received compliments on our voices for a long time, but we knew that we needed training from the right teacher. Stumbling upon one of Ashley’s lessons on Youtube was absolute fate. From the beginning, she knew what we needed to work on and was very encouraging. Our ranges and tone have improved entirely, despite our contrasting strengths and weaknesses.The fact that all of the lessons were via Skype is amazing too. That Ashley could train my sister and I, who live across the country (in North Carolina), is such a blessing! After a few months, we traveled to California to meet and take a lesson with Ashley; we can honestly say that her Skype lessons are just as helpful as her in-person lessons. Ashley’s counseling did not only stop at just vocal training. When we would write songs, we ran them by Ashley, who would give us ideas on where to make the song “bigger” or faster; if there were a part of the song where one of us wanted to sing higher or belt louder, Ashley would work with us until we were all satisfied. Ashley gives wonderful lessons no matter how you take them, what your goals are or what your voice initially sounds like.

Gabri and Gabrina Johnson

When we hear Francesca sing now, we cannot believe our daughter is able to sing so strong & beautiful.  In a few short months, Ashley took Francesca's singing ability to a whole new level.  No other teacher has been provided this. Francesca got a lead in her school play this year with her very first singing role. We are amazed.

Tina (Mother of Francesca Flamminio - National Miss Pennsylvania 2010 Talent Winner)

Ashley draws her teaching from Speech Level Singing. This method has blessed me to be able to sing Gospel music in spite of vocal cysts and a slightly paralyzed left vocal cord.  Ashley is extremely confident, motivated, and positive and it comes across in her unique teaching style. I have become more confident under her tutelage.

Donna Jackson (Worship singer for Christian Stronghold Church)

Our son Adam has grown tremendously under Ashley's care. Being only 9 years old, it is hard to keep Adam's attention, but Ashley always made the lessons fun & exciting, while still focusing on technique. After only a few short months, we have seen his confidence and his range grow beyond our expectations. 'Thank you' Ashley for always taking the time to help him with whatever auditions were coming up and most importantly for your patience and your loving care!!!!

Fern and Jay Dorfman

Ashley was amazing with our child! She was professional, yet made our child feel comfortable during her lessons. Her approach and material was fresh and hip, which made it feel less like work and more fun for our child. Her experience in not only music, but acting as well, was a plus for our child. I would recommend Ashley for any parent wanting their child to learn modern music and techniques. 

Pam Yocco

Ashley pushes me to healthily do things that I never thought I could do, like bring my chest voice higher. I was really uncomfortable with my chest voice before I went to Ashley.  This year I got into my high school's musical, 'Phantom of the Opera' as a freshman with Ashley's help. Only two freshman usually get into the musical.

Jenna Sharples
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