Vocal Lessons in Chester County, PA

When you go to college, you learn a lot about your major, how to budget time, and how to present your work, right? All very useful, yet it's not until you hit the real world that you truly learn how the pieces fit together, and what you need to do to get that sweet, sweet corner office with a view.

vocal lessons chester county paThe music industry is the same way. You can take singing lessons every day and practice for hours on end, and your dedication will do wonders to improve your voice – yet without real-world experience to back it up, you're bound to be a deer in the headlights when it comes to your first big-time audition, and we won't even get started on navigating the professional music biz once you've dipped your toes into it.

That's why, at Singing Pro, we do much more than simply provide vocal lessons at our professional studios near Malvern and Paoli, PA. Our services run the gamut from vocal training to the planning and packaging of your artistry; we've got you covered from your very first singing lessons to your Broadway audition, American Idol tryout or talent showcase at a local bar. Whatever you're into – musical theater, pop, R&B, jazz, gospel, country, etc. – we'll help you prepare with personalized lessons and artist development services that include pro-level recording, videography, photography, artist consultation services and more.

vocal training west chester paAnother thing we offer to all of our students is real-world practice, experience we think is absolutely invaluable to their future careers in the music industry. We arrange quarterly performance opportunities, convenient to our students in Downingtown, Chester County, Paoli, West Chester and Malvern, PA, that aren't just a half-empty auditorium equipped with a creaking keyboard. We love setting up performances in bars, cafes and other popular spots where an up-and-coming musician would realistically find themselves at the start of their career, which provides a great opportunity for training students to adjust their ears to new acoustic setups and learn to sing in front of realistic audiences, in realistic settings.

Vocal Training in West Chester, PA

Another thing we love at Singing Pro is the diversity of our students. Our current students are of all ages and skill levels, from total novices to those who have already seen commercial success, and we truly enjoy the challenge of accommodating each. Whether 6 or 65, we'd love to meet you, hear about your singing goals and dreams, and set up a vocal training plan that will help you reach them. Thanks to our extensive backgrounds in the industry, working with well-known artists and teaching students across the U.S, we've had the chance to experience a variety of different talents in action and learn about the unique path each took to their success, knowledge we'll pass on to help you in your own journey.

Singing Lessons in Malvern, PA

vocal lessons paoli paWhen searching for singing lessons, a very important factor in choosing a studio should be how you feel around your vocal coach. Are you encouraged and supported in your goals? Do you feel as if your teacher has paid attention to your interests and crafted a training plan with your personality in mind? Are your lessons fun – do you look forward to going to them every week, and can't believe how quickly they're over?

We understand the importance of that chemistry between teacher and student, so we're offering a $45 voucher to all new students, to cover the cost of your first singing lesson at our professional studios in Exton and Media, not far from West Chester, Chester County and Downingtown. Call us up, stop by, or fill out our easy voucher form to start singin' like a true pro.

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